If I had to define myself as a traveler, I would say I choose destinations that I think have the ability to surprise me, among them, Asia and the Middle East fascinate me.

I am looking for parallel universes in wich get lost and feel the thrill of discovery, where to be able to interact with the people and enrich myself as a person. I am an avid reader and sometimes from reading a book begins to take shape the idea of the next destination.

I think that traveling is to live two lives, and from this small window I invite you to accompany me. You are welcome.

Ana MoralesCuaderno de Viajes

In this blog, dedicated to travel and destinations worldwide you will find travel and news articles.

Collaborator Photographer: 

As a travel photographer, he collaborates in all my entrances with his photos and experience. As SEO and web designer, he has designed my blog. www.francescmorera.com


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